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I am Petra Tešija, creator of Petra Ceramics, kindergarten teacher, artist and mother of two boys.

My first contact with clay was back in elementary school when we were making various clay objects by hands.

Three years ago I attended pottery classes and that is when my real journey with clay began when I re-experienced the feeling from childhood, a sense of peace, relaxation and comfort of creation.

Then I told myself that I would never let clay out of my hands again. Working with ceramics, I realized how much I love to work and create with my hands, and quickly it became my passion.

Most of my work is made on pottery wheel, but I also do hand built pieces. I work with different kind of stoneware clay that is fired at high temperature, so my pieces are dishwasher safe and food safe glaze is used.

I make functional tableware and home decor ceramics. As with any handmade ceramic work, each piece is unique with character of its own. I want my pieces to evoke positive emotions and inspire you to live a life where you surround yourself with genuine material, meaningful and beautiful things. 

About brand name..

In Latin, the name Petra means rock, and since we get clay from crushed parts of rocks, the very name of the brand -Petra Ceramics- naturally came into play.